Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Song: Imaginary Girl Friend

We tried a computer version of this but it did not come out right. Also, the song has changed over the times playing it... instead of seasons for example: many lovers or one bride... In any case the chords are rather freely song, improvise! but try to keep the effect of the alternating major minor themes clear- sometimes that too does not go to the strict pattern. Music is mechanical but its forms are a feeling too.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Infinitea House and Bonpa's Art Showing

Infinitea House and Bonpa's Art Showing

We are still learning the functions of the digital camera. (sorry my pic is so awful, unshaven and still with a long winter weight and so on, but the idea of the iron teapots have some relation to imaginary things in philosophy - see Russel)

Of the few who follow me here I am not posting much lately and would like to know what you may want to see beyond the proposed archiving of early poems. Once the symbol of my candle company was a young lady (Candice) from an old French trading card. Perhaps I will let this blog compliment the one of more obscure physics by pictures- our nostalgia's and radiant (Kandium) light.