Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bon Iver in our Coffee Shop

Philosopher Friend (Here- I post this picture for your lady sorry my own mug is so bad, it is a strange time in the music and the instruments are very subtle and we philosophers in the background sing our songs and try to write them through the wonder half not heard in the silence of it all). You ask where ideas come from, that is a deep question and it must be the place where poems and words in general come from- or maybe it is something to do with the music after all... or as the ancients observed- it all is about the tragic loss of love (so says Bly) or all poems are about cosmology (says Ferlinghetti). I do not know myself but have of late suspected an origin, that same place where love does not keep any rules, no rigid bonds or necessarily broken symmetries... So we just flow with the ideas and the loving if we are lucky enough for dialog and finding someone with close enough to enjoy life deep in the living sharing the music. Nothing in the world can break that, perhaps not even if the world itself vanishes into the unknown. The PeSla