Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bonpa's Paintings from Autumn MMX

String theory after the nativity scene on this side of spring...

Tomas, John Goode, at Eriks for a Chilie Dog day...

* * *
Taking a break from the knotty problem until my eyes grew red I popped open a bottle of South Australian wine (oddly enough I forgot the corkscrew but did not need one even though I found one later. Durn Dr. Oz and the said benefits of a glass a day- it was a little much, that small glass. So I put away my models and numbers and found enough light to attempt photos of Bonpa's art. In any case I may take a break from the physics pesla blogspot and concentrate on music and poetry awhile- and maybe how to get my life together more independently. The world of physics seems to get along just fine without my pointless efforts in the face of a lifelong indifference of society. I think I will mull over some ideas for awhile and finally look up more things. If I do not get behind I hope the others will catch up some. All this has been rather abstract. On the other hand something I feel significant may come up worthy of posting even in the simple raw form- after all I do have a knack for picking number one songs and some people coming back to admit I was right about them. There is a little less room for that sense of mystery as a drive and a feeling that there is something in the theories we are still missing- but as far as I know my mind at this late date does seem to accelerate at the speed of light on some frontier. Or am I just another Leonardo wasting his life with little reward other than reinventing the wheel and arguing with the universities and veterans administration- my version of his city hall. But in a hundred years what would any of all of this matter? Is my sense of the worth of this art an error? Or might it ring a bell in my own visions- perhaps all of our visions if we are honest. But I cannot worship Bacchus like Nietzsche although He is tempting because of his great and profound Laughter.

Bonpa's Paintings from Autumn MMX

Here they are Eric in full resolution so you can add them to your CD.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Two from Megan's facebook album at Bottle and Barrel:

Photos of Ottos, Heydens, Ivorys, Demmers around new years 2010...

Apple2apple... and
Newyear Breakfast@Perkins