Monday, August 30, 2010

Emblem for the Resolution's Sake

Here is the full picture of your Russian emblem. Good luck on your overseas studies.

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It reminds me of Austria, but the eagle and double eagles are everywhere in many nations of central and East Europe. Anyway there is a hammer and sickle. and a couple of freckles :-)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Along the Checky Shore

Along the Checky Shore L. Edgar Otto 27 Aug. 2010

Olney came to the banks of a peaceful river on a peaceful and cool summer's day. There in the lotus position he saw his friend Bonpa under a mulberry tree and walked by quietly so as not to disturb him.

Two Huckleberry's, shadows of his and Bonpa's inner child from perhaps another time and place, fished by the river with bamboo cain poles and limax worms. Olney asked them how was the fishing and recalled with fondness how he used to eat and enjoy the fishheads on a stick as the local children of the fisher folk were want to do- what a treat for those in blissful poverty far from the city of Far Rock'a'bye.

Olney still had much of the young Darwin or Aristotle interested in the teeming life along the beach. In his days of scientific inoscence of observation - not that he would pull the wings off flies or focus the sun's rays on the ants- even then he had an almost religious admiration for all living things- but he did recall how difficult it was to remove the slippery fish eyes from the fish heads before he would use them as bait for the crawdads. He did not mind the discection of the little machines of wasps and butterflies and ticks and accepted the struggle between such creatures as the background and necessity for their lives- but when he tried to remove the heart of a falling sparrow he grew sick of the view into how things worked even making incisions for cold blood with his obsidian pocket knife.

"Namaste, Oln" Bonpa finished his meditation and greeted him. "Anything new in your universe?"

"Sorry to disturb you man. Same old, same old. Do you see us by the river fishing? Time has become such a strange thing to me in our balding old age of wisdom."

"Yes, I think we are on the same spectral color wave length. But who knows if the memories are true, even back then? You know, time has a trait or so of only being at some moment of the flow of the river and the current is fast and the flood is high. Not long ago for a swim or baptism, and to make my garments fresh, I got caught under the fallen cottonwood tree held against it. Only my lack of panic and lack of fear to reach out for the whirlpool malestrom so to swim against it did I get free. Thus we sometimes get stuck in the river of time as if a frozen moment of our dreams, and of the state of doledrums of our soul."

"Well, I hoped I might find you today. Sooner or later our paths meet again wether you seek me or wait. Yes, all things decay and only in the moment can we say if from the past and into the future there was more or less order in the world. Time flows in one, and two, and the many directions from out shared point of departure of a shared fate."

"You know, Dreamikins is wearing me down lately- she says she is worried about me and gives me books that show my faith the source of evil."

"That is what I wanted to talk about. You are so sensitive to these struggles of people with their passions and compassions. I read one of the books against all other faiths and philosophies she gave you. You know, from what I can tell it is full of errors of fact and legends without but a peppering of sacred scripture. I think as long as they do not acknowledge the sincerity and strenth of the other faiths or faithlessness theirs is a closed mind that will not evolve to become even a monkey. I think two things- the words are not deep but are powerful, the bigger the like the more easily believed and the droning chant repeated over and over again- some dream for them. It is all just politics really and the thing is they are not so good at it any more than the illogical idea of the one worlders, I mean One Culture, One People of Many, One Anti-Christ!. It is hard for the human heart to serve two conflicting tyrranies- there is unity not in diversity but great and profound diversity in the unity of things and people thinking for themselves with the minds God gave them with which to think. You in your sensitivity and outreach to the multiplicity of time and self pay the price of such insight with feeling.

"Yet I find it clear that the other thing is that she really wants you in the life path and flesh- I do not think she is that worried for you soul. Maybe tell her that just as her Jesus is the head of the church the spouse and lover is the head of his bride- I think she wants to submit."

Bonpa's New Photos

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lost in Your Troubled Dreams

This experiment was a reduction by a retake directly from the computer screen but the sound of the coffee shop drowned the music out. * * * Note Video Uploads taking way too long but I will try again here and other places later...

Well, here is my first test of the video camera. I look terrible but I realize the face dancing is interesting in itself. Now I know what the barber gal meant as my son's wedding last august about messing with the eyebrows- and gee, with the price of cigarettes and rolling my own I need less tar on my teeth. I still have not lost last winters weight- the change to vegetarian mostly did not work well and I did not get out as much last winter but when I did I walked way too much over Chicago and here from the country side of Eau Claire. Too much damn corn sugar too. Nevertheless even distracted because I had to read the words in the second take I hope it will have some interesting things in it- also one guitar was not played in years, and Alvarez. Bastian, if you are reading this you might want to tell me how to put it up on youtube. Marcus and I will make more professional videos soon. I think my performance at the Mouse Trap open mike was much better. I will also post the words here based on my golden section syllable structure: 1 1 2 3 5 8 .

Note from MySpace blog:
Lost in Your Troubled Dreams Category: Romance and Relationships Footnote: On the walk bridge coming back from the Bottle and Barrel saying goodbye to Ari and Meg the same tune a little more relaxed in the playing with this form came to me with different words. So, for those that it might matter this is dedicated to my so called ex. It is perhaps never good that a poet would censor himself so this is about a lot of us really. I hope to post it on you tube one day soon. [11-28-09 Some minor revisions made. Played it last night at the Mouse Trap and it was well received.]

Lost in Your Troubled Dreams L. Edgar Otto 11-28-09

I saw so long you nineteen over night crow's feet
I had make sure follow you ask you to explain
You said forgive both sides wrong asked before the fact
I'll not ask you do the same I won't take you back
Grown up you chose taking long lies but not your wings
Those songs for you are all gone learned to say I love
We talked your ghost in my dreams worked it out woke up
Knew pain's first tears little feet yet found so much fun
Went back old times not meet you candles and guitars
To street poet's homeless walls kept faith full of sins
She waved desire's building burst but it made me sad Paced through New Mil- lenium rapture going deep
I wish for you all the best, stars that never met
* * *
Sun dress long hair in bare feet how you loved your brood
I'd not change that welcomed world for the sake of them
go through it ever and again
* * * The Chords with Variations:
C D Em
C G Em C D

Monday, August 23, 2010

Spectrum from a CD

* * *

The shadow of gumdrop and toothpick structures (the double pentagonal dipyramid)

* * *

The shadow of the tetrahedral angled six color Twizzelee Jack.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Love Beads in Progress

A Young College Student, Let us call him Bud, fearing the government will never issue Touch Stamps, invents the Cuddlefish Social Network.

* * *

The Notion of Twizzlelee Space and DNA

* * *

From the Beginnings of Time the Light Cone is driven by the Red Shift.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The War, the Gospel, and Electrification

In the vast reaching up or spinning within ourselves even the winged ones must rest their wings...

The War, the Gospel, and Electrification L. Edgar Otto
Aug. 8, 2010

Our bonds are not broken without consequences

For like the sparks and dust between us is more than attraction

Rather that we know and share comfort of that knowing

Love can only be contained by Evil's magic behind the scene

The answer to the last great empire is not an empire lost, reborn

For as we organic things overkill our wound to inflammation

Such vaporous realms become autoimmune, consume themselves

In stealth, love and war replicate in peace or self-destruct

The cells join our first forgotten friends redeemed by dark immortality

Who chain us here that to blaspheme their sacrifice is for us to bleed

The relentless tides do not forgive those deaf to ignorance

Of final war the war on war alone is justified its violence

Love itself becomes unjust if its passion will not struggle, blindly

Misjudging strangers, for Love cannot breathe alone

* * *

Friday, August 6, 2010

When Dreams Still Act Lost in Fact

"Osku", (Old School) the Schnauzer

When Dreams Still Act Lost in Fact L. Edgar Otto August 6, 2010

You are too close to the face of the deep
to see those tears the prophets weep

On the checky and cloudy shores so worn
still diffuse din our sin rests its warning foghorn

So cannot tell what's sea or strand once one
the dendrite coral clings to needle fish, universal laws to bond

There are levels, steps skipping stones, our flaws
Old School's short dog years, our walks, we miss as if no falls

Do not talk about our guilty love as if our child
nor ask if we ourselves survive the infinite in some mythic wild

Her flower goes to seed as my vector calms her mood
she between my night, my worship before her holy rood

Love needs no boundaries, no magic for its guide
though in fear you sleep alone, I am by your side

* * *

[footnote in lieu of posting on pesla.blogspot com today:

some of the physics metaphor in all this as an influence came from this article from philosophychatforum com yet it is in line with the way I have seen space lately- one would think such ideas need not just come as a matter of accident. Also the way the discussion goes for string theory and for Casmir like forces on the sciencechatforum is the origin of the first line- so close to the foundations and cautious in speculation have they forgot to think and dream for a living science and one that could predict things from theory?

The more romantic stuff comes from a rather distant and enduring non-relationship of sorts and that too is a metaphor and something that of course inpires me but it does get old even if something that can live at ease despite the facts of distance. (Thank you J. I really enjoy when our schedules match and we share breakfast together across the yard- thanks too for the inspiration of poetry- if you knew me you would know I am a nice guy and would do the things with you like coffee or movies or something outside our routine and one that in a deep sense we do know each other.)

And in response to comments on the canines by Jay Tobin at the coffee shop, and others who think about our respect for the lesser creatures.

And to the professor poet Sultan Ratrout whom I wanted to attempt some rhyme but in a more subtle way.

Along these lines two recent state of mind comments on facebook:

L. Edgar Otto Science and Philosophy thoughts had a long run and today nothing new, so I do not fight the change of mood back into poetry- and maybe music. OK, another September and I will not be in school- yet my own work has its urgency. In the end it is our own life scripts that has the chance for meaning. Mine as yours should be was not a quiet life of desperation

L. Edgar Otto And yet, we who are too cautious to dare claim things beyond life's dream so go through the motions of life's play really find faith in Love less hard than we may imagine as long as we still respond to our better dreams... ]

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Sultan and Philosopher Exchanging Bits of Poetry

[Dedicated to Sultan Ratrout who is the reason I joined facebook]:

The Sultan and Philosopher Exchanging Bits of Poetry
L. Edgar Otto Aug. 5, 2010

Let us go down by the shore of the Great Sea
be those children again still close to pure poetry
Collect shells, marvel at the relentless rhythm, waves and tide
hide under the sand like ghost crabs
Splash cool water on each other, laugh in water play
I will not scold you, admonish with switches of drift wood
Mimicking the laws our parents in their wilderness
gave for our promised lands in war between gods
In which they only half believed

Trade and make our own truths between each other
as the cadmium orange sun sets in their dire straits
A blob of pigment on canvass, lost first art forgotten once
its perfect sphere haunting yet grown distant in would be artists
That we recall again before the wounds and needful discipline
the dream you were, unique and ever full while life
Weaving baskets ever emptying, consuming its poetic waters
all things past yet so ever new save your promise I've known forever

For we free to wonder and wander again what took
so long and strayed so far that we reach the mountain
Caught between our own parting of the Red Sea
into the gulfs of Aqaba and Suez...

* * *

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Too Lazy and Humid a Summer for Stir Fry

Too Lazy and Humid a Summer for Stir fry

Hey, Roommate, Overnight in this wettest July in decades and the roof having leeks it seems we have a mold problem.