Saturday, October 31, 2009

Forever, My Sphere

Forever, My Sphere (3-5-64) Introduction

Of that nostalgic sphere
On whose loam many lives have passed
From obscurity to magnification,
Of the worlds in general
The ordered cosmos and its evolution
The gentle and harsh winds of time
Conspiring to bring more favorable spirits
Into creation...
An ode to that mother sphere.
She who hates her womb so much
That it weeps both day and night.

I find my feet upon the sand
Washed by the waves of a cold material world
Though not above the sea, I bless the
Flowing cool waters and firmly sink
In the sand as Mother Earth comes up to greet me
Though I am just as sand, I am just as wave
As the ocean, boundless before me.
I stopped keep0 pace to the rhythm of the sea
And wondered - Had it happened that I am only in rapport
With the waves who put me here?
I am not just as wave!
Knowing this I began my own pulsations.

* * * (Toward Kyma)

Having splashed into the sea by
Breaking the barriers of mind and life
I rippled concentric waves
From that first falling rock of realization
I awoke and knew everything upon her
And thought ... I would not call her dirt,
I would not call her sea - I would call her wave.

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