Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Ghost of Depareted Quantities

You know I am not much of a drinker, not that I am not sociable. But every once in awhile I think about winding up in the bar playing music tolerated really and no longer enjoyed by the crowd. But we can be alone anywhere really, the question is why any one place in particular as if it matters where my dust blows. Perhaps I would like them flushed down the john in the bottle and barrel as a memorial as is the idea by my son Arian for his final retirement- hmmm, make that the ladys John they seem a little cleaner. That or just dump my body in front of the veterans service officer so they can deal with it- even that benefit they did not let me work out. But dont you think I am not a happy and easy going bloke- more than anything I have come to realize that we individually are very much responsible for our own endurance and happiness and alas, we are not responsible for that in others, not directly anyway- certainly morally but our damn society and state borders on indifference and immorality. Anyway we may have a roast and retirement party at the bottle and barrel where I will also play and that is a joke really as one should have something to retire from! But you are all invited :-)

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