Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sticky Rice

Finger Puppets of Philosophers and Others, and A stars and stripes of Che's red star and oriental chimes...

* * *

Let us not be clever and that how arguments are won from a science viewpoint. While there may be a middle cource it does not prove a shallow compromise nor that an idea of the extremes are not relavant and important.

The signs read, roughly:

Sticky Rice,
Open Here,
And please take off your shoes upon entering the room (In Korean)

That is for science as well this world of blog comments and courtesy direct or implied.

* * *

I almost caught a photo of a cardinal on his way South near and as red as these flowers but it took too long go get the camera out of my pack. Still, he did come closer when I called out to him with his bird calls I learned as a kid in Virginia but in the nearby tree too many leaves covered him (and those will be chaning shortly for autumn and the news thinks they will be rather bright this year.)

Also, I am use this photo for illustration of the pesla.blogspot science blog if some idea there seems appropriate or nothing else is there to put up. If I had known I would have taken a photo a day of this garden it changes so much... maybe next year.

* * *

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