Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Minimal Art Mathematical Flag Designs

072115 Jayaverse flag (in the event or fact of individuals part of a company like the candle co.)  it is based on the mathematical flag of Nepal for the colors and the international Morse code where the vibrating stringy star or particle is oriented as a dot above or below the dash.  R  *_* is perpendicular as centered in the symmetry.  There are also variation for the Jack and the Aircraft roundels

072115 72starUSA flag that shows the four color symmetry and asymmetric permutations of the stripes...  a quasic principle rather Horgan like as Quantum Tetrahedra.  Blue is interchanged with the white count of the stars and note the ratio of stipes as 8 to 5.

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  1. Thank you so much Edgar from the deep bottom of my heart for given the code 072115 Jayaverse flag.