Thursday, July 8, 2010

God's Creation Undefiled

God's Creation Undefiled L. Edgar Otto

Let us sing again as did he poets of Araby of old of the zodiacal light

A chorus to the rising waxing neap of dawn, and isle at zenith,
then the ebbing waning falling twilight

Perhaps a game of chess, symbolic generals with covered faces,
war like love not cloaked when lovers breast to breast embrace

Gentle our touch in blindness, dry well nadirs to be filled
with cometary rain and desert light reflected on the smokey
ocean's clouds that guides us through the work of climbing up

We pilgrims toward and down from the vaporous dunes and
clotting blood of scripture thirst, high mountains

Only to sing atop and no further at eclipse or think to drink of and
crave our lover's lips, carefree songbirds in youth or dotage fading
one same sky song standing on the empty quarter without water
oil or dust

Ten thousand years no guarantee- but not to rust, survive, leave our mark
footprints on plots of sand until time and space unmeasured finds
Love again and the birth in evening of the awakening stars...

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