Saturday, July 3, 2010

Making Sense of My Pattern Image Counting Crows

Making Sense of My Pattern Image Counting Crows

L. Edgar Otto
July 3, 2010

For awhile when you were little
your would avoid your image in the mirror

We wrestle with our twin in two places at once
while everything not us is empty other

Torn away from the suckling womb not fills
with loss in both the child and mother

I gazed at my reflection in the windowpane at night
startled so to scream a boy my age looking back at me

Making faces not my own of how I looked reversed
to myself my smiles and brow, grimaces seen from the world

I brought her rag doll flowers to appease her ghost
of evil that lurked behind her clown face lipstick

She called me pathetic in worship of her ravens
sent them to pluck my scarecrow straw for her nest

* * *

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