Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Sultan and Philosopher Exchanging Bits of Poetry

[Dedicated to Sultan Ratrout who is the reason I joined facebook]:

The Sultan and Philosopher Exchanging Bits of Poetry
L. Edgar Otto Aug. 5, 2010

Let us go down by the shore of the Great Sea
be those children again still close to pure poetry
Collect shells, marvel at the relentless rhythm, waves and tide
hide under the sand like ghost crabs
Splash cool water on each other, laugh in water play
I will not scold you, admonish with switches of drift wood
Mimicking the laws our parents in their wilderness
gave for our promised lands in war between gods
In which they only half believed

Trade and make our own truths between each other
as the cadmium orange sun sets in their dire straits
A blob of pigment on canvass, lost first art forgotten once
its perfect sphere haunting yet grown distant in would be artists
That we recall again before the wounds and needful discipline
the dream you were, unique and ever full while life
Weaving baskets ever emptying, consuming its poetic waters
all things past yet so ever new save your promise I've known forever

For we free to wonder and wander again what took
so long and strayed so far that we reach the mountain
Caught between our own parting of the Red Sea
into the gulfs of Aqaba and Suez...

* * *

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