Friday, August 6, 2010

When Dreams Still Act Lost in Fact

"Osku", (Old School) the Schnauzer

When Dreams Still Act Lost in Fact L. Edgar Otto August 6, 2010

You are too close to the face of the deep
to see those tears the prophets weep

On the checky and cloudy shores so worn
still diffuse din our sin rests its warning foghorn

So cannot tell what's sea or strand once one
the dendrite coral clings to needle fish, universal laws to bond

There are levels, steps skipping stones, our flaws
Old School's short dog years, our walks, we miss as if no falls

Do not talk about our guilty love as if our child
nor ask if we ourselves survive the infinite in some mythic wild

Her flower goes to seed as my vector calms her mood
she between my night, my worship before her holy rood

Love needs no boundaries, no magic for its guide
though in fear you sleep alone, I am by your side

* * *

[footnote in lieu of posting on pesla.blogspot com today:

some of the physics metaphor in all this as an influence came from this article from philosophychatforum com yet it is in line with the way I have seen space lately- one would think such ideas need not just come as a matter of accident. Also the way the discussion goes for string theory and for Casmir like forces on the sciencechatforum is the origin of the first line- so close to the foundations and cautious in speculation have they forgot to think and dream for a living science and one that could predict things from theory?

The more romantic stuff comes from a rather distant and enduring non-relationship of sorts and that too is a metaphor and something that of course inpires me but it does get old even if something that can live at ease despite the facts of distance. (Thank you J. I really enjoy when our schedules match and we share breakfast together across the yard- thanks too for the inspiration of poetry- if you knew me you would know I am a nice guy and would do the things with you like coffee or movies or something outside our routine and one that in a deep sense we do know each other.)

And in response to comments on the canines by Jay Tobin at the coffee shop, and others who think about our respect for the lesser creatures.

And to the professor poet Sultan Ratrout whom I wanted to attempt some rhyme but in a more subtle way.

Along these lines two recent state of mind comments on facebook:

L. Edgar Otto Science and Philosophy thoughts had a long run and today nothing new, so I do not fight the change of mood back into poetry- and maybe music. OK, another September and I will not be in school- yet my own work has its urgency. In the end it is our own life scripts that has the chance for meaning. Mine as yours should be was not a quiet life of desperation

L. Edgar Otto And yet, we who are too cautious to dare claim things beyond life's dream so go through the motions of life's play really find faith in Love less hard than we may imagine as long as we still respond to our better dreams... ]

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