Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Lost in Your Troubled Dreams

This experiment was a reduction by a retake directly from the computer screen but the sound of the coffee shop drowned the music out. * * * Note Video Uploads taking way too long but I will try again here and other places later...

Well, here is my first test of the video camera. I look terrible but I realize the face dancing is interesting in itself. Now I know what the barber gal meant as my son's wedding last august about messing with the eyebrows- and gee, with the price of cigarettes and rolling my own I need less tar on my teeth. I still have not lost last winters weight- the change to vegetarian mostly did not work well and I did not get out as much last winter but when I did I walked way too much over Chicago and here from the country side of Eau Claire. Too much damn corn sugar too. Nevertheless even distracted because I had to read the words in the second take I hope it will have some interesting things in it- also one guitar was not played in years, and Alvarez. Bastian, if you are reading this you might want to tell me how to put it up on youtube. Marcus and I will make more professional videos soon. I think my performance at the Mouse Trap open mike was much better. I will also post the words here based on my golden section syllable structure: 1 1 2 3 5 8 .

Note from MySpace blog:
Lost in Your Troubled Dreams Category: Romance and Relationships Footnote: On the walk bridge coming back from the Bottle and Barrel saying goodbye to Ari and Meg the same tune a little more relaxed in the playing with this form came to me with different words. So, for those that it might matter this is dedicated to my so called ex. It is perhaps never good that a poet would censor himself so this is about a lot of us really. I hope to post it on you tube one day soon. [11-28-09 Some minor revisions made. Played it last night at the Mouse Trap and it was well received.]

Lost in Your Troubled Dreams L. Edgar Otto 11-28-09

I saw so long you nineteen over night crow's feet
I had make sure follow you ask you to explain
You said forgive both sides wrong asked before the fact
I'll not ask you do the same I won't take you back
Grown up you chose taking long lies but not your wings
Those songs for you are all gone learned to say I love
We talked your ghost in my dreams worked it out woke up
Knew pain's first tears little feet yet found so much fun
Went back old times not meet you candles and guitars
To street poet's homeless walls kept faith full of sins
She waved desire's building burst but it made me sad Paced through New Mil- lenium rapture going deep
I wish for you all the best, stars that never met
* * *
Sun dress long hair in bare feet how you loved your brood
I'd not change that welcomed world for the sake of them
go through it ever and again
* * * The Chords with Variations:
C D Em
C G Em C D

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