Sunday, August 8, 2010

The War, the Gospel, and Electrification

In the vast reaching up or spinning within ourselves even the winged ones must rest their wings...

The War, the Gospel, and Electrification L. Edgar Otto
Aug. 8, 2010

Our bonds are not broken without consequences

For like the sparks and dust between us is more than attraction

Rather that we know and share comfort of that knowing

Love can only be contained by Evil's magic behind the scene

The answer to the last great empire is not an empire lost, reborn

For as we organic things overkill our wound to inflammation

Such vaporous realms become autoimmune, consume themselves

In stealth, love and war replicate in peace or self-destruct

The cells join our first forgotten friends redeemed by dark immortality

Who chain us here that to blaspheme their sacrifice is for us to bleed

The relentless tides do not forgive those deaf to ignorance

Of final war the war on war alone is justified its violence

Love itself becomes unjust if its passion will not struggle, blindly

Misjudging strangers, for Love cannot breathe alone

* * *

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